How To Choose Airsoft Gas MaskWritten by: samnjari1When playing Airsoft the most important thing is to have protection . Many people may ask why the protection would be more important and the answer is simply because of the very nature of this game. You need to protect your eyes in addition to your whole face and that is why air soft gas mask is very essential. Besides that air soft gas mask has been very important generally in the protection of the face.The Advantages Airsoft MasksWearing airsoft masks helps to protect you as a player in the game from loosing teeth, an eye or probably even being injured on any bone on your face besides many other complications that come with being injured on your face.These masks are very important in this game and especially where it is taken seriously, this is because you will not be allowed to play unless you have the protection that is required to keep your face safe. For instance when a sniper in the game hits a Chunk of your Chompers you can be pretty sure that you will not be in aposition to continue playing because of the pain on your face and the injury you have to take.This masks also protects you from permanent damages that might happen on your face. For instance in some cases some injuries can cause you to loose your teeth or become blind for the rest of your life. The Main Types of Airsoft maskThe first is the full face mask which protects the whole face. In simple word they are capable of covering the whole face.This mask are very simple in terms of how they are used and this is because you don't have set the system to suit you as they come with their own personal preferences and that is on the venting system. They are mostly used by the novices who want full protection.The second Type is the half Face airsoft mask. This only protect the lower side of the face and they allow you to decide on the glasses, goggles in addition to any other method or type of protection you would want for your eyes or the face in general. This is mostly used by the experienced players as it is more easy to customize.However there are other ways of classifying the air soft gas masks for instance there are those that are made of plastic and these are very ideal for a big number players as they provide a very good protection from airsoft projectiles. Above that, they are very ventilated and also lightweight. Others are made of Steel Mesh and are preferred as they are very good in offering protection for individual hits and also breathable and hence you don't have to worry that your face is going to get hot when having a game in a bit warm weather. However on comparing the plastic and the mesh steel the latter is considered as offering less protection as the plastic.In general when you want to choose an air soft gas mask you are generally going to be deciding which among the two kind of protection do you prefer to protect your face and eyes. Some of the things that you need to look at when deciding the type of air soft gas mask to use include; the venting, the strap system, aesthetic in addition to the eye protection. Therefore when deciding which airsoft mask to use, always know what protection the mask will offer and how it will protect you.